Monday, March 4, 2013


I wrote this poem many years ago and had posted it on, a site I have loved ever since I joined to this day. Though I visit it only occasionally, I still love to be a part of it.

I hope you like the poem.

I'm out on a walk.
With myself, I have to deal
My World seems to be clouded
Nothing but sadness, I can feel.

No one else is walking by
So, I'll let them fall
Two hot streams of salty beads...

Soon they'll reduce to a trickle
To help me wipe them clean and dry.
Even then, a bit of sadness may remain
Hidden, dormant and deep down it will lie.

For now, the worst has come and gone
With clear eyes, I'll walk another mile.
If by chance, I see someone coming
I'll stop and sweetly smile.

Friday, March 1, 2013


The door is open wide
I lay on my couch inside
I am idle,but my eyes travel
Beyond the door as scenes unravel.

A beautiful magpie on a roof,
Two little sparrows on the look...
Why always so busy,I do wonder
Don't they ever rest like me, I ponder.

Life as a human is so complicated
Sometimes smooth, but most often serrated!
How is it to live a bird's life?
With wings, is it easier to thrive?

But... I may not have a couch to lie on
To stay idle and moan every morn
About the myriad difficulties I face
And do nothing to ease, but gaze!

So, fly away magpie,
This is where I like to lie
Even wings may not make me glide
Just the door remains open wide.

Monday, February 25, 2013


When there is hope
       You see the sunshine
        You live for the future
        Imagining it to be happier...

Then, there are times
When a virus runs amok in your mind
     Making you see only the gloomy past...
     All that should have happened, but did not
     All that should not have happened, but did.

That's when you despair...
      Not knowing whether to run or stay
      Not knowing whether to cry or smile!

A hug, a warm hand is all that it takes
For despair to pass, for hope to linger...
      It is all so near
     Yet, so far away!